Papa Murphy's 

Papa Murphy's International is the fifth largest pizza company. As the Creative Director, I am responsible for the national print, store promotions, retail displays, packaging, social media, digital and websites. I art directed the photoshoots and TV. I manage a team of five designers that produce more than 10,000 design assets per year. 

 –– Social Media –– 

My team designs animated, static and video ads for Facebook. We use the results from A/B testing and Facebook data to create highly effective ads with low CPT (costs per transaction) rates. We have been so successful that our work is now the case study for Facebook.

 –– Ads & Promos –– 

 –– Website Design –– 

 –– Packaging ––

 –– Retail –– 

I designed a modular menu board that enables franchise owner to easily switch out menu items, prices and imagery. 

In-Store Stanchion

In-Store Stanchion

Crew t-shirt 

Crew t-shirt 

 –– Photo Direction –– 

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